What’s Near Us

During your stay with Brookover Farm Bed and Breakfast, you may wish to visit some of the local attractions and places of interest, so to may planning your trip easier, we have gathered together the following list of our favourites, most of which are within a 30 minute drive.

Brookover Farm

Horse riding is available at the farm for all. The lessons will need to be booked at the same time when booking your room. Lessons are taken by a qualified person which are an hour long consisting of a schooling session to assess child’s ability followed by a hack in the woods and fields. Lessons are from £20 per hour or £14.00 per half hour. Children need to be 5 years and over. Riding Hats are provided.


Travel time : 15 mins

Longleat house has a very good safari park 

  • One of the country’s largest maize’s to lose yourself in 
  • pets corner parrot show (not to be missed) 
  • adventure castle for all child age groups 
  • boat ride and a tour around Longleat House

Longleat house is owned by Lord Bath and featured on BBC’s Animal Park. For full details, go to http://www.longleat.co.uk/

Wookey Hole and Cheddar caves

Travel time : 30 mins

Cheddar Gorge : There is a open air bus tour of the area including Britain�s biggest gorge. A description of the Ice age � Stone Age and Victoria exploration and also there is a child�s story too. A climb of 2784 steps up “Jacobs Ladder” from the valley floor to reach the top of the cliffs and Lookout Tower to see the Cheddar Gorge. For full details, go to www.cheddarcaves.co.uk

Wookey hole : Famous Caves, and much, much more. There is a Monster Mill, Ice Age Valley, Pirate Golf, Wookey Hole Circus, Wookey Witch, a resturant and more. For full details, go to http://www.wookey.co.uk

Stourhead Gardens

Travel time : 30 mins

A wonderful place for relaxation in beautiful gardens and woods to explore with all the family � ideal for a picnic or for refreshments you can take Tea in one of the Tea Rooms.

For full details go to www.nationaltrust.org.uk/stourhead/


Travel time : 20 mins

Bath is a truly beautiful City for sight seeing and for the keen shoppers, from clothes to souvenirs and not forgetting a visit to the Roman Baths where you can experience the warm spring waters.

For more details, go to www.visitbath.co.uk

Orchardleigh Golf Club

Travel time : 5 mins

A par 72 Golf Course two minutes away with extensive tree line fairways and unforgettable views from every tee. Definitely a memorable round. For details go to www.orchardleighgolf.co.uk

Orchardleigh House

Travel time : 5 mins

Orchardleigh is a romantic Somerset Estate 10 miles south of Bath, with a magnificent Victorian Stately Home, an Island Church, and 18-hole Golf Course. Orchardleigh’s indefinable English charm is testimony to the Estate changing family ownership only twice in the last 800 years. Veiled in a tranquil bowl of parkland and lakes, it’s horizon a sweeping backdrop of rolling Somerset hills, the Poet Laureate Sir Henry Newbolt (1862 – 1938), was inspired to write his finest works from his love of Orchardleigh and it’s Island Church. For more details go to www.orachardleigh.net

Frome Town Centre

Travel time : 5 mins

Founded in 685. From being a very old town a few cobbled streets are still there to be found � Gentle Street once the main street into the town and Catherine hill where you will find many interesting shops or everyone. (set link to site). Frome has many features including an arts and crafts centre � and the town centre has a market on Wednesdays and Saturdays offering a variety of stalls. There is also a market at the Grape and Grain which offers some home made cooking for sale and this venue also offers evening entertainment � details can be obtained from Frome Tourist Centre.

Cheap Street is a particularly pretty street where a stream runs through the centre and the street is lined with shops ranging from crafts and jewellery to a traditional tea room.


Travel time : 40 mins

Stonehenge is often considered as one of the many wonders of the world. Dating back to roughly 2500BC, with a lot of folkelore surrounding it’s history, it’s one of the must-sees in the country.

Where to eat

There are some great places to eat near Brookover � we have listed some below which are within a 10 minute drive away
•The Bell Inn at Buckland Dinham which is 2 minutes drive away and caters for all the family.
•The Farmers Arms which also caters for children with seating outside also available and this pub you can walk to across two fields which only takes 7 minutes.
•Tong Dynasty is in our opinion the best Chinese in Town � children are also welcome here and there are open from 6.00pm.
•If you would like a taste of Italian Food then look no further than La Bisalta Restaurant which has a warm and friendly atmosphere.